Chicago Torch Repair


Hire our experts to fulfill your torch repair requirements in the Chicago, IL area. As one of the top-rated companies, T & R Welding Supplies has helped individuals, businesses and companies with their Chicago torch repair needs.

For fast and affordable services, connect with us today.

For more than 30 years, we have excelled in understanding customer needs and performing tasks accordingly. Wait no longer and choose us for timely and efficient Chicago torch repair services. We ensure quality services by using high-standard tools and components.

We assure you that we can solve all problems when it comes to Chicago torch repair.

Learn more about us and get an estimate today. If you have any questions about our services for Chicago torch repair, give our team a call. We perform torch repair on the following:

  • Hand torches
  • LED torch
  • Rechargeable torch
  • Flashlights

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Chicago Torch Repairs


We specialize in providing professional, budget-friendly and reliable services, such as fixing your heating torch nozzle to performing other Chicago torch repairs. If you require a particular part for your heating torches or want a timely inspection on torch repairs, we are happy to help you.

Our technicians are experienced at using highly advanced technology and suitable tools for Chicago torch repairs and we are known for our timely service.

Leading the industry for more than three decades, we ensure quality services and results. We perform all kinds of torch and regulator repairs. Schedule a call with our expert and get answers to all your questions regarding Chicago torch repairs right away.

Discuss your requirements with us, and our expert will be at your service at the earliest.

Some of our Chicago torch repair services include the following:

  • Cutting torch regulator repair
  • Torch nozzle repair
  • Emergency light repairs
  • Fixing soldering torches

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Chicago Heating Torches


Connect with us for repair services of your Chicago heating torches. We will ensure timely and cost-effective repair, replacement, inspection and maintenance for your Chicago heating torches.

We are the leading contractor in the area and aim to serve all the customers with quality Chicago heating torches and the best possible torch repairs services. Reach out to our skilled technicians to discuss your problems, and they will help you out with the following Chicago heating torches repair services:

  • Heating torch regulator repair
  • Heating nozzle repair and replacement
  • Heating metal repair
  • Stainless steel replacement

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