CO2 Cylinder Exchange for Restaurants and Bars


You’ll never have to leave your restaurant or bar, if you have T & R Welding Supplies deliver your CO2 cylinders.

T & R Welding Supplies has been serving local restaurants and bars since 1995. We provide personal service. And we take care of your CO2 cylinder exchange as your business grows.

Soda, Beer, Micro-Brew CO2 Cylinder Exchange

Your customers love delicious carbonated beverages. We offer CO2 cylinder exchange for your soda, beer or micro-brew. You’ll be able to make a tasty drink in seconds using CO2 cylinders. All CO2 exchanges are done at your restaurant or bar.

CO2 Cylinder Exchange Level Checks

You’ll be assigned an Account Rep in your local area. Once a week they’ll check your CO2 and PSI levels on all your cylinders. We offer same-day service for CO2 exchanges. Charges are due on receipt of the cylinder exchange, unless other arrangements have been made.

CO2 Cylinder Rentals and Repair

T & R Welding Supplies offers affordable monthly CO2 cylinder and helium cylinder rentals. At T & R Welding Supplies we repair CO2 regulators. New regulators are available to fit your needs.

Contact your Welding Supply Specialist at 253.272.0467.

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